Joy Quarterly

Pasqualina Azzarello

By Jonathan VanDyke

I met Pasqualina Azzarello on a warm June day at the Skowhegan School of Art.  Located in the Maine countryside, the school’s main thoroughfare is a dirt and gravel road that erupts into a network of rivulets on rainy days.  Pasqualina and I set up shop in the part of campus sometimes referred to as “uptown,”... (cont...)

The New York Times

Tulips and Two-By-Fours

By Jake Mooney

PASQUALINA AZZARELLO, an artist from the Dumbo section of Brooklyn, likes to distribute her work through unorthodox channels; she once painted 500 rocks she had gathered from the waterfront, then took nighttime walks around the neighborhood to leave them where people would discover them in the morning... (cont...)

The New Yorker

When Street Art Meets High Finance

By Elizabeth Greenspan

In 2012, the European Central Bank gave a local arts group permission to paint a fence surrounding the construction site for its new headquarters, in Frankfurt, and provided ten thousand euros for paint and reusable wood panels. It wasn't long before the art work began to deride the E.C.B. itself. Outsized caricatures... (cont...)